Why MicroConnex?

Accelerate time to market.

We deliver high-quality flex circuit prototypes quicker than anyone.

Smooth the production process.

We collaborate with you before and during production to ensure your flex circuit prototype is optimized for manufacturing.

Collaborate with big brains (who think small).

Our engineers are experts in quickly fabricating the most challenging flex circuit designs to meet your performance and reliability targets.

Extend your R&D team.

We guide you through the build cycle, ensuring that you understand the trade-offs, opportunities, and risks every step of the way.

Save time with a one-stop flex shop.

From prototyping to production – find all your flex needs under one roof.

Quick Turn Flex Prototypes – in 10 Days or Less

We are known for delivery of high-quality, and in many cases high-complexity, flex circuit prototypes in record time. We will turn around your standard prototype in 10 days or less and developmental prototype in 20 days or less.


  • 10 days or less
  • 2 mil trace/space (copper thickness dependent)
  • Single- or double-sided stackup
  • 6:1 via aspect ratio


  • 15 days or less
  • 1.5 mil trace/space (copper thickness dependent)
  • 7- to 10-layer designs
  • 8:1 via aspect ratio


  • 20 days or less
  • .75 to 1.5 mil trace/space (copper thickness dependent)
  • More than 10-layer designs
  • Non-standard surface finishes and metallization
  • Additive processing for thick traces

How It Works

Our engineering approach balances fabrication process rigor with flexibility and speed. We excel at front-end collaboration, so you avoid costly surprises and receive exactly what you want.


Bring us your design, and we will map out the best process flow to achieve your goals.


We consult with you to identify potential issues and opportunities up front, before you even see a quote.


Our engineers are design-for-manufacturability experts to ensure a scalable, cost-efficient fabrication process.


From proof-of-concept to fully-functional device, we deliver your flex circuit prototype on time using standard and custom manufacturing processes.


Our experimental design approach and software-based analytics are used to identify optimal process operation windows and metrology methodologies.


Skilled technicians manufacture your parts using industry-leading, online monitoring and end-of-line test equipment in our ISO-compliant facility.


Saving Thousands in Production Costs with Innovative Engineering Solutions

Our customer came to us needing a flex circuit with ultra-tight tolerances in 3 layers with flying leads. Learn how our team of engineers succeeded where other vendors failed, saving the customer hours of production time and thousands of dollars in costs.

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