Laser Hole Drilling: Smaller, Highly Accurate Microvias

Our goal is to achieve or exceed your requirements by delivering precision and accuracy in laser micromachining, laser hole drilling, and laser direct-write fabrication applications. To that end, we collaborate with our laser partners, ESI and IPG, to combine our custom laser control software with advanced beam shaping optics for rapid fabrication of fine-scale flex circuits and MEMS devices down to a 10 μm feature size.

We employ six high-end ESI and two IPG laser systems. Our ESI 5200, 5330, 5330HE, and 5335 lasers operate at a wavelength of 355 nm (frequency tripled Nd:YAG), with a spot size of 12 μm to 25 μm. Our IPG lasers are of the IPG IX-6100 family. On select materials, we can achieve a sub +/- 2.5 μm positional and feature size accuracy. Working closely with customers to optimize laser hole drilling for specific applications, we routinely exceed the advertised specifications of our lasers for tight tolerance and smaller, highly accurate microvias.


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