As a cutting-edge flex circuit manufacturer, our experience and capabilities can give your design a competitive advantage.

We fabricate to your specifications while contributing DFM and integration expertise on HDI flex circuits, laser drilling, and cutting on thin materials. MicroConnex operates within the ISO 9001 framework to ensure quality and consistency from proto to manufacturing. Choose MicroConnex as your flex circuit supplier, and see how your design can gain a competitive advantage from our direct experience in these industries:

  • Medical devices
  • Semiconductor test equipment
  • Biosensors and implants
  • Ultrasound and ultrasonic sensors
  • Wearable technology
  • Integrated circuit testing
  • High-speed data communication

Few flex circuit manufacturers can match our capabilities and responsiveness, and even fewer encourage and welcome innovative designs that cut across categories and/or push the limits of typical IPC standards.

Download Capabilities & Guidelines

View this downloadable table of our capabilities, including the types of circuits we work with and the materials we use. Think of our guidelines as starting points, not ending points:


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