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MicroConnex, a small, but growing Flex Circuit fabricator of complex- fine-line / fine-pitch designs just outside of Seattle, Washington is proof that growth needn’t come at the expense of the environment.

By its very nature, integrated circuit board manufacturing is a messy process with toxic waste as an unfortunate byproduct of production. MicroConnex has been looking for ways to expand their production capabilities without unduly increasing their impact on the environment.

While one group within MicroConnex evaluated tools that would improve the quality and efficiency of their manufacturing process, another group looked into ways to reduce the overall waste that would be produced by the increased capacity.

The result is the purchase of three new pieces of equipment, two of which will increase the quality of their flexible circuits, improve process efficiency, and increase production capacity. The third will cut toxic waste by as much as a factor of 1,000.

MicroConnex’ purchase of a Chemcut 547 XL 20″ Developer and a Chemcut 547 XL Dry Film Stripper will create a ten to twenty fold improvement in efficiency, enabling MicroConnex to increase company revenue on par with the efficiency improvements. The dry film stripper virtually eliminates the contamination and oxidation that can mar the thin film surface prior to etching. MicroConnex ends up with a cleaner, more defined circuit with much higher yields.

The Chemcut dry film stripper is configured for ultra-thin transport of sub 3 mil material cores, which makes it ideal for MicroConnex’ style of flexible printed circuit manufacturing. It is equipped with an on board filtration system to remove dry film particles to extend bath life and has a built-in panel count feed and bleed for consistent chemistry concentration and conveyor speed consistency. The three stages of cascade rinse will also significantly improve water conservation.

MicroConnex’ third purchase, the Encon Thermal Evaporation and Distillation System (72 gallons/hour) is heated by natural gas and at peak efficiency can turn 1,000 gallons of waste water into harmless water vapor and only 50 gallons of sludge. Erring on the side of “greenness,” MicroConnex opted for an evaporator that has twice the capacity needed at present.

About MicroConnex: MicroConnex is a leading supplier and production partner for flex circuits. They easily incorporate smaller, lighter and more reliable flex circuits in product designs by using patented electrical technology, proprietary connective techniques, advanced laser processes and thin-film sputtering capabilities. MicroConnex flex and rigid-flex circuits are used in applications where lightweight, ultra-compact design and reliability are all critical.

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