We are the Design for Manufacturability (DFM) experts.

Because 75% of flex circuit cost is determined during design, having DFM experts who can consult with your team is crucial to keeping costs in check. What does our DFM process offer you?

  • Accurate quotes. We flag potential issues up front, before you even see a quote.
  • Fast prototyping. We can turn a prototype in as little as 5 days.
  • Cross-trained engineers. Your design is reviewed by a team of cross-trained engineers who help identify the ideal materials and processes for your design.
  • Cost-effective production. Having our engineering and manufacturing teams under one roof means that production runs are easier and virtually error-free.

Our DFM Process

We run your design through our eight-step DFM process:

  1. Review your files and specifications
  2. Set up a conference call with your team
  3. Conduct an internal review and create a value stream map
  4. Send quote
  5. Move design through engineering
  6. Move design to production
  7. Refine and fine-tune using in-process inspections
  8. Conduct quality assurance inspection

If you want a smarter, lighter, and more reliable high-density flex circuit, you need a manufacturing partner with the tools, knowledge, and experience to complement your design skill set. MicroConnex brings all this plus the willingness to continuously improve upon processes and methodologies using systematic process rigor in an ISO 9001-certified environment. We are your complete flex circuit production partner, from inception to manufacturing.

Success Stories

The secret behind our quick turn prototyping is a company-wide belief that no process is sacred. We push the limits of our technology and capabilities by collaborating with forward-thinking companies on complex projects. Read about these successes in our case studies.

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