Extend your market reach with our flex manufacturing services.

The market for miniaturized electronic devices is growing in every sector where size matters. Partnering with MicroConnex for your flex manufacturing can extend your company’s reach into these global markets. Our specialty is medium-volume manufacturing of complex flex circuits serving industries that include:

  • Medical devices
  • Semiconductor test equipment
  • Biosensors and implants
  • Ultrasound and ultrasonic sensors
  • Wearable technology
  • Integrated circuit testing
  • High-speed data communication

Systematic Process Rigor

At the core of our manufacturing philosophy is fundamental process engineering rigor. Very complex manufacturing processes require process control, and we’ve chosen ISO 9001 as our operating framework. To us, certification isn’t just a badge, it’s a tool—one that we use to push against accepted technical limits to maintain our flex manufacturing prowess. And while some say process rigor and speed are mutually exclusive, this tension of opposites keeps us striving for advances in flex prototyping and manufacture.

We welcome company audits and receive consistently high scores on supplier surveys. We also conduct QBRs to ensure that customers are happy with our reliability, responsiveness, and technical competence.

Let us demonstrate how an environment of systematic process rigor balanced with speed and agility can make the most of your flex manufacturing investment to save time and money and increase ROI.

Success Stories

The secret behind our quick turn prototyping is a company-wide belief that no process is sacred. We push the limits of our technology and capabilities by collaborating with forward-thinking companies on complex projects. Read about these successes in our case studies.

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